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Submitting a Work Order

Submitting a Work Order

The purpose of the Track-It system is to provide a single system to submit Technology, Copy Center, or iCenter work orders.  The Track-It system will send you an e-mail when your work order has been completed.  Additionally, you may inquire as to the status of a work order request at any time by using the Track-It system.

To access the Track-It system, perform the following steps;

Open a web browser and type the address: http://trackitweb

*The Track-It system is only available inside our network*

For users using mobile devices, Macs, or FireFox: You will see a prompt for your network credentials (It is the same user name and password as your email account)

TrackIt Auth Mobile

If you are not automatically logged in you will see the “Welcome to Self Service” screen below.  Click on “Log in using your Windows account”.

TrackIt Auth Desktop

After successfully logging in you will see your home screen.

TrackIt Home

Left Menu:

Left Menu

  • Home: Brings you back to the current page.
  • Solutions: You can search for solutions to common problems to see if you can resolve your issue before entering a work order. We are working on populating this function.
  • My Work Orders:  Here you can see all the work orders you have entered and view them three ways, Open Work Orders, Closed Work Orders or All Work Orders.
  • My Assets: It will show a list of computer names associated with you.
  • My Request for Change: For TMS only.
  • My Profile: Lists user information for your account.

Center Menu:

Center Menu

Right Menu: 

  • This is where announcements and instructions are displayed.


Adding a New Work Order:

    1. Click Add a New Work Order to open a new work order.New Work Order
    2. Enter a brief summary of the problem in the Summary field. You can add more in the Note textbox at the bottom of the form.Summary
    3. Enter a phone number in the Call Back Number field.  This should be a number where the technician can reach you at during business hours.
    4. Select the User Impact drop-down lists based on the type of effect this work order has.User Impact
    5. Select the Type, then Subtype, and Category that best matches your request.Category
    6. Note: Describe the problem or request in detail in the Note textbox.  Details help get the problem resolved quickly. Only one request per work order.


For multiple problems and or service requests a work order for each request must be submitted.  Do not submit multiple requests on one work order.  Different problems may be assigned to different Technicians.

  1. File Name: If you want to add an attachment (screen capture or documents that may help explain your issue): Click the Browse button to navigate to the location of the file, and then click the Open button. The file name displays in the File Name field.File Name
  2. Click the Submit button.


The work order is now sent to the Technology Help Desk or the Copy Center and assigned to a Technician.  You will receive an e-mail confirming your work order.


View My Work Orders:

  • Click on View My Work Orders.

View My Work Orders

  • Click on the blue work order ID number to open the work order.

My Work Orders

Add Notes or Attachments to a Work Order:

  • Click Add Note button to enter additional information or updates to the work order. Once you have submitted a note you will not be able to edit the information.

Add Notes or Attachments

  • On the Add Note window, enter the information in the Note textbox, then click the OK button.
  • Click the Add Attachment button.  Click the Browse button to navigate to the location of the file, and then click the Open button. The file name displays in the File Name field.


Cancelling a Work Order:

  • Click Cancel Work Order button to cancel your work order.

Cancel Work Order

  • You will be prompt to enter a Resolution on why the action is no longer required, and then click OK.


You can close your own work orders if you have found your own solutions, or if you want to cancel your work order because a problem no longer exists.

If you cancel a work order the Technician will be notified by TrackIt.


If you have any problems accessing the Track-It work order system please ask your neighbor to enter the work order for you and call our Help Desk line at (760)848-1185.


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